Saturday, November 30, 2013

Miles from Nowhere

Dear Grandpa,

The leaves have dropped at Moraine.  There has already been a few days with lake effect snow.  We can see deep into the woods now.  On Thanksgiving, we put out some food for the critters.  Birds are loving the feeders.  The black-oiled sunflower seeds go fast.  We also put out a couple of the sunflowers we grew in the garden.  The downy woodpecker visits the suet every morning.  The red-breasted nuthatch is my favorite visitor. The pond along the driveway is frozen.  Sweetheart noticed a fight occurred out on the pond about a week ago.  Some crows cleaned up the mess.

November is always a busy month for our family and we have a lot to be thankful for. Big Brother is playing basketball at the school three nights week.  Little Brother turned two in November.  It was great to have our family over to celebrate.  Little Brother also had tubes installed in his ears.  He is doing well.  Sweetheart and I have been married three wonderful years.  I am excited about this Christmas and 2014.



Saturday, November 2, 2013

Denouncing November Blue (Uneasy Writer)

Dear Grandpa,

Thank you for so many great memories.  Big Brother made the honor roll this semester.  He worked hard at math the past few weeks.  Sweetheart and I are very proud of him.  Little Brother is growing up so fast.  He loves playing with toy trains.  He is also a great singer.  Sweetheart and I had a wonderful pumpkin patch this year.  We are already looking forward to next growing season.