Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yesterday Comes To Soon

This has been a great summer.  Our family filled time with fun, farms and football.  We went on our first family road trip with Little Brother to a reunion in Marshall, Illinois.  I think Sweetheart and the boys enjoyed this mini-vacation.  Sweetheart had fun picking plums and taking photographs of the barns and birds.  The boys went swimming multiple times and they both got to drive a large tractor.  Little Brother especially enjoyed the tractor!  We also have been to the beach countless times this summer at the Indiana Dunes State Park.
Big Brother recently celebrated a birthday in August.  He is now 12 and almost taller than his mother.  He started middle school and he is making new friends.  It won't be long before we are wearing the same size shoes.  He will be playing in his first middle school football game this Tuesday.  He is working hard at defensive end.  I love spending time with him outside. Either playing catch or walking in the woods.

Little brother enjoys puzzles, the beach, dump trucks, Curious George, singing, dogs, cats, road trips, swimming, frogs, toads, hickory tree nuts, acorns, butterflies, deer, tractors, the wind in his hair and to tell his daddy to "drive fast!".  Little Brother also likes doing anything and everything Big Brother is doing.  Little Brother has a great imagination.

Sweetheart is able to find the good in people and events.  She enjoys the simple pleasures of gardening, birding, and Saturday morning farmers markets.  We like finding tree frogs on our windows and spending time together as a family.

Morning Dew

Plum Pickin' Party


Indian Pipes


Cemetery Prairie

Royal Catchfly

Happy Birthday


"No salamanders under here."


Ambler Flatwoods Nature Preserve