Sunday, February 19, 2012

Going Up The Country

Since we moved to the Moraine, I have learned to be more appreciative of God's gifts.  We had a beautiful sunrise this morning.  We dined with deer as our company this evening.  However, the highlight of today was spending time with my oldest son hiking the trail.

The woods were quiet except for the occasional woodpecker, the sound of moving water along the creek and the swans.  We were both surprised by the sounds of the swans as they took off from the pond.  The beating of their wings against the water was louder than I would have anticipated.

From the pond, we walked to the land of large beech trees.  Our son, Big Brother, found some bark that had peeled off one of the giants.  He thought it made a great shield.  We also found a tree with a cavity large enough for Big Brother to stand inside.

Beneath the towering tree emerged a tiny sprout.  This sprout gives me hope that spring will be here soon.

Moving on away from the giants, carrying with us our shields we made our way down to the creek.

Along the creek's edge we climbed over downed trees and crossed the water numerous times.  Big Brother tried to follow deer tracks through the creek bed..  The ice made traveling in the water difficult.

Later on the hike, we found some ice that Big Brother called 3D.  I don't have a special name for this ice.  It was just beautiful.

Going Up The Country.


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