Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Little Bit Of Everything

It has been an interesting start to the new year. On January 2, 2013, Sweetheart and I were chasing a mouse around the house in the early morning hours. My wife has a very effective technique of capturing mice with a towel. She is very calm and gentle with the mouse and she sets them free outside the house.  Once in a while, our black and white cat will catch a  mouse during the night and bring it to our bed as we sleep.  She then will release the mouse and watch it crawl into the covers with us.  This always makes for an interesting event.

Two days ago, the road at the Moraine was a sheet of ice.  The driveway is long with hills and hollers.  I almost crashed into a ravine and a pond while driving the road.  So when Sweetheart was returning home from work she had to park out by the mailboxes and walk to the house in the dark.  The next morning, she got all bundled up and walked out to the car in 20 degree weather.   She was the first person at her office.  I am proud of my wife.  She is a good pioneer.

Big Brother is enjoying his vacation.  He will be back to school in a few days.  He is excited to go to church tomorrow.  Little Brother is trying to talk more.  He is so smart and so active.  Sweetheart bought bird seed today.  I hope she sees Penny soon.

My family and I always look for Robins in late winter and early spring.  Yesterday I saw about 12 in the back yard.  This will be a year full of adventure and new experiences.


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