Friday, April 18, 2014


Four years ago this week I asked my wife to marry me.  She is an amazing woman.  She is smart, artistic and hard working.  Thank you Sweetheart!

The boys are growing so fast.  Big brother has started baseball practice and he hopes to pitch and play catcher.  He admitted after practice that he is no longer scared of being hit by the baseball.  Little Brother now compares himself to Spider-man and Batman.  He can even sing their theme songs. When we were at the playground, Little Brother climbed the ladder without assistance and proclaimed that he was Spider-man.  The family recently joined the YMCA.  Big brother enjoys basketball and Little Brother loves to swim and splash in the pool.

Moraine is now very active after the long hard winter.  We have been seeing 4 turkeys hanging around the old fields.  The spring peepers and chorus frogs are very vocal at night.  I took a hike today and found a variety of spring wildflowers emerging from the ground.  A few were even in flower.  Wood ducks are in all the ponds and turtles are starting to bask on logs during warm days.  Beaver have a large dam on the big pond.  I am still waiting for the warblers.


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