Thursday, March 8, 2012


little is sitting in his swing, humming and squealing and making farty noises.  He just woke up. I took Big to school this morning and bought him a chocolate doughnut to eat on the way in the car.  He thought that was awesome. 

D is on his way to Henryville, IN.  His phone rang last night and they asked him to be on a chainsaw crew to help clean up this small town after a devastating tornado.  He looked at me with wide eyes and we quietly breathed and stared and thought about what this means, if he should go, how leaving us would affect our daily lives.

When we finally spoke about it, we both knew what should happen.  He should go. D called his boss and a coworker about the job responsibilities he would be missing out on.  I told him to do what he felt in his heart he should do. It felt like we were being personally touched on the shoulder. Reached out for to help somewhere we don't allow our minds to go. Our daily lives seemed suddenly less important.

To the people of Henryville, I'm so sorry.  It could have been us, here. It could have been anywhere. It happened there because somehow, God knew you were strong enough to get through it, I believe.  I am proud of D for going into a place when everyone else is trying to get out.  I am praying he'll return safely and the damage he sees doesn't break his heart.  I hope he feels like he's helped with the healing process, made a dent in the devastation.  I hope he knows he did the right thing.

Take a moment to see what has happened there.  Say a quick prayer. Hug your family. Eat a meal together. Enjoy your warm home, clean blankets.  Pet your cat. Look out your window. I know I did.

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