Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hold On

I've been frantically doing laundry the last week. Like a gazelle, like a crazy person, like it's personal.  Really, something in me clicked and I felt a passionate hate toward the accumulating piles that bordered every room in the house.  It feels like no matter how hard I work, the dirty laundry worked harder.  So, I've been making a focused effort at getting every stitch done.  This is an impressive feat when you have a 9 year old athlete, a thirtysomething year old explorer, and a 5 month old vomitmachine in the house.  The laundry is extra daunting because our dryer has a very small capacity and, while we are saving religiously for a new one, that doesn't help me now, during Laundrypocalypse 2012.

Being a stay at home mom is something new-ish for me since we've had little brother.  I have learned so very much about time management in this time.  For example, there are some days where I simply cannot do anything but play and push buttons and collect toys to create a new little pile for baby.  I have learned to accept that and continually tell myself that a clean house should always, always be second to a happy baby.  Some days I get a lot done. little brother is happy sitting at one plaything or another.  All I have to do is take periodic breaks to feed and change and sometimes just sit with him.  As long as I keep at it, I am able to tidy up the house.  Either way, time management has been key for me.  From taking a bathroom break to folding a load of laundry, the logistics have been a skill I have finally mastered.

I am thankful today that I don't have to juggle a job as well as the logistics.  I am thankful that I can focus on my dear young boys during a time in their lives where knowing their mother is available unconditionally is crucial.  Cutting back on things, trimming bills and working hard to get by is worth it when I know I am not missing a moment in their lives. (it's not an overnight skill, see my newest book under the 'Books' tab)  They are so dear. I am thankful for my Darling Husband, who works so hard and has such a good heart.  I am thankful for weekends, because it's his shoulder that has vomit running down it instead of mine.  He's a great dad. A great, great dad.

I am thankful for my cats, too.  Although it often goes unspoken and they are so easy to forget or pass over, they make the smallest tasks so much more enjoyable just by being around.  During Laundrypocalypse 2012, they have been right beside me to lay on a freshly folded, still warm shirt, or to scoot off the counter so I can fold.  They are such pleasant little creatures to have around and I am thankful for them.

The Queen of Egypt
The Queen of Egypt sometimes sleeps the whole day on my bed or in the pink chair.  Alley Cat sleeps in the laundry bin.  She's a quirky girl.  Both cats are always around, though.  It's so nice to have them.

Alley Cat

real kitties have curves.
sneek peek of the authors!
 We are taking a few day, small family trip in May.  May will be an eventful month for us.  Darling Husband will be celebrating a birthday (thank you for being born, my love) and little brother will be turning 6 months.
Big brother will be very busy with baseball.  His first game is next week. He thinks he will be pitcher or first base.  "Pretty much the most important positions."  I'm nervous to travel with little brother.  I'm still trying to figure out how we'll fit a swing, high chair, pack n' play, diapers, and a hundred playthings in the back of the Subaru....logistics...

So much to be thankful for.


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