Monday, April 2, 2012

Month Four

Little Brother,

You are four months now.  Every day, I watch  you grow a little more. Sometimes there are changes so subtle that it takes me some time to put my finger on just what it is.  Our daily schedule has been changing since last month in order to meet your needs a little better and so have your eating habits.  You really love apples, sweet potatoes, pears and carrots.  You don't care much for peas.  That's okay. Neither do I.

As you get older, it is more clear to me what makes you happy and what you dislike.  There are some things that you love. You love your brother, nursing, your binky, your feet, and when everyone sings at church.  After we're done singing, you are ready to go.  Every Sunday, your dad and I try to get you to sit with us and every Sunday, you and dad end up standing just outside the sanctuary to listen to the message.  I miss you, but I enjoy my quiet time with the Lord, too.

Today is the first day of your first cold. It's been a long day for you and I.  You had a temperature, but it went down by the afternoon.  You were unhappy and wanted to be held pretty much the entire day, so I did.  You slept a lot, took two baths, and by about 4 p.m., you were back to your normal self.  Last night was the first night you slept through the night.  It was in your swing because the doctor thought you might have some drainage causing a cough.  It really helped, and I was so happy to get sleep. I must have checked on you 15 times through the night. I'm happy you slept.

You've been noticing so much more during your daily adventures.  Today I took you for a short walk down a path by the pond.  It had to be short because you're 15 pounds!  I stood still for a moment and let you look around.  I watched as you eagerly focused your eyes on a tree limb and wrapped your tiny fist around a leaf.  You yanked it off the branch and carried it - in your fist - all the way home.  I had to unwrap your fingers from it to wash your hands. It was adorable. Sometimes you dive for the cats as they walk by.  Sometimes I catch you watching birds outside. You are amazing.

Four months isn't very long when I think about the past twentysomething years of my life.  I am in awe of the impact you've had on our lives in just four short months.  Looking at your wide eyes and itty bitty body makes me feel like you could do anything in the world. It is all spread out in front of you. Please take everything in, my little man.  Don't miss a moment, don't sit on the sidelines or watch idly as things pass by. Wrap your tiny fist around every day, just like the helpless leaf. Carry every day home. It is yours.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. Every day with you is an adventure. I can't wait for tomorrow.

I like you. I love you. I will always protect you.


your mom.


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