Sunday, May 18, 2014

Morning Song

The rain has finally stopped. The sun appeared yesterday, late in the afternoon. I half expected a celebration. In a very quiet way, I guess there was.  The birds have been amazing lately here on Moraine.  It feels very much like a spring awakening.  During the five days straight of rain and cold, I wondered what we would lose. The day before the rains started was Mother's Day.  The garden was turned and seeds finally went in the earth.  Planters were filled with the good, expensive dirt and delicate plants.  We built a fountain. Everything was full of promise. I'd like to have the same day over again and keep it exactly the same.

Downy woodpecker

Indigo Bunting

But then the rains came and didn't stop and I thought it all might wash away, but it didn't.  Now today is sunny and sprouts are appearing and the birds are as active as ever.  The quiet understanding that things happen this way was in place and all the little living things, ourselves included, reemerged.


Baseball was put on hold almost the whole week. Big brother's team has now won two games, both times pulling it off in the final inning.  He has moved up the roster to the spot of fourth batter, which would be a lot of pressure if he were the kind of kid to feel a lot of pressure.  He isn't. He does his best, shrugs it off when he fails, celebrates when he does great, and moves on.  It's an admirable quality for someone like me, who lets everything worry them to death.

Speaking of worry, little brother is getting more and more adventurous. He is less afraid to try new things than he's ever been.  This is good for things like food or making friends.  For most other things, however, it's exhausting and causes a lot of stand-offs in the house and the yard. Stand-offs in the store, in parking lots, in the library.  Long stand-offs, promises of something better to come, threats of time-outs. He has mastered the art of switching parents to get what he wants or to get out of things he doesn't want. After taking a stumble in the driveway and insisting he was hurt, he explained to me that the only way to feel better was to swing in the swing.  Of course we did. I can't have him injured from his fall. Two year old logic makes sense in the most innocent way.


Every day has become an adventure with these boys. Good morning boys! What will we do today? Everything. Everything. Everything is possible. Or nothing at all, and you can lay beside me in the sweetest baby boy sweetness and think your quiet baby thoughts. I never know what little brother will say. I am always amazed. There is so much for him to see, and he explores it all with such courage and moxie, forward. Forward. Running happily and curious, with a smile and hands reached out, waiting to touch something he has never touched before. Pulling, yanking, shredding holding so tight in his little hands.

 My gosh, it's so good.  These precious gifts. All this time and wonder. The overwhelming gratefulness that never leaves.

Indigo Bunting

This week is D!'s birthday. We have baseball games and practice, work, and a birthday to celebrate.  I feel full of hope for more sunshine, more growth in our plants, less rain, and lots of runs.  Not one of those things is in my control. Not a one. We'll see how it goes.

Killdeer about town

Happy birthday, darling D!. I hope it's an opportunity to reflect on all the things that have made you smile.  I hope you use your birthday to celebrate these past years in your heart. I hope we don't disappoint you. I hope you remember how grateful we are that you were born, that you chose us, and how full you make our lives just by being alive. I hope you feel thankful, thankful, thankful, for all the opportunities your hard work has given to you. I hope you feel loved and cherished, as you are. I hope you feel young, and as eager as you have ever been to see new things and explore. I love that about you. I hope your day is full of banjo music and crisp breezes through grass. Happy Birthday. You're my favorite human.

Eastern Towhee

 A few bird photos for you to enjoy, dear reader.  When the weather was exceptional one day, I took little brother out and let him play in the water while I sat very still and photographed as many birds as I could. Spring!

Gray Catbird
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Red Tail Hawk

Bathtime - Cowbird

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

 He will cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. -Psalms 91:4 


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