Friday, July 13, 2012

In The Summertime

Big Brother attended Vacation Bible School for the past week.  He sang and danced and learned about our Lord.  Little Brother has been moving around more and he is now kneeling for long periods of time.  Sweetheart made a great pasta meal with lemon dill sauce for dinner.  She also took Little Brother for a stroll down the driveway today.

Sweetheart and I really enjoy taking photographs for Home On Moraine.  However, it's the photographs that we don't get that are the most exciting for me.  Within the past month we have seen Gulf Fritillaries in our vegetable garden, Scarlet Tanagers in our patio,an American Redstart in the dogwood tree inches from laundry room, and multiple evenings with Cerulean Warblers in the front yard.  Today, while on a hike with Big Brother, Sweetheart found a beautiful bright blue feather.  We like to think it is from a Cerulean Warbler.

Miller Wetland

Butorides virescens - Green Heron

Butorides virescens - Green Heron

Butorides virescens - Green Heron

Water Shield & Bladderwort

Utricularia vulgaris - Great Bladderwort

Utricularia vulgaris - Great Bladderwort

Brasenia schreberi - Water Shield

Ischnura verticalis - Eastern Forktail

Rudbeckia hirta - Black-Eyed Susan

Wallengrenia egeremet - Northern Broken-Dash

Cephalanthus occidentalis - Buttonbush

Platanthera psycodes - Small Purple-fringe Orchis


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